Xfire 14/4/2009

As an excuse to make an update to this very dormant site, I am going to post my Xfire profile thing for you to ogle at. I am also looking into what I should do with the "Coming Soon" links, sadly this doesn't actually mean anything will happen anytime soon.

Photo Gallery 6/11/2008

Just testing out things on the site at the moment, I have put up a flash photo gallery which at the moment contains some pictures I took at the 2008 Dunsfold Air show.

i35 4/11/2008

Wow, 10 months since last post, I really need to make it at least a monthly thing :P This news item has something to do with gaming so I thought it warranted a post.

I recently went to one of the largest LAN parties in the UK called i35 which was hosted by Multiplay. As I expected it was epic and I had a really awesome time and definitely would go again :D
If anyone is thinking of going to any kind of large LAN, I say GO FOR IT!! it is an experience you will remember! Here are a few pictures I took of the hall with all the gamers including the guys I went to the LAN with.


Hello there, just a quick post to say Happy New Year and that I am selling my graphics card on eBay due to upgrading to the new NVIDIA 8800GT. The card I am selling is an ATI Radeon X1950 Pro which runs most games very nicely, certainly the orange box will run smoothly with settings maxed out. Please go check out my listing at



Hello again, as you may have noticed there has been an addition to the right of this new post. This is a shoutbox which was created by Luke Wallin (, thanks for that Luke, all credit too you. Please feel free to post in it and tell me what you think of the site and if there are any improvements/additions you can think of.

The Manta from Unreal Tournament 3


Hello and welcome to the newly revamped NeComOnline. As you may be able to tell by the banner, I have decided to make the site with a gaming theme. The site won't consist of much but anything is better than the old site. Have a browse, and do come back because I will be adding stuff as I think of it.

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